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Toyota Prius 2016 – Rendering

Sunday, May 4th 2014 | Toyota | by Rhey Keillen

Toyota Prius 2016Toyota Prius 2016 will participate on the market and people love talking about the car even though the launching is still far away. Today, we have heard some rumors that the car will be the priority and it comes with more modern design. Furthermore, the company has to keep its reputation because people love seeing the current model. Reduced emission is important case for the company because the electrical automobile at that time.

2016 Toyota Prius Exterior

2016 Toyota Prius is reported to come with slimmer design. The reason is because the car needs to improve its efficiency for around 10 percents as what the expectation for the company. We cannot tell you a lot about the design because it seems the company still hides bunch of information around it. We only think that the strong character could be found in Toyota Prius 2016.  So people could differentiate the car with the previous model.

2016 Toyota Prius Interior

Around the interior, the car will be able to accommodate 5 passengers. The car has sunshine roof covering to make people enjoy riding the car. Cozy and airy cabin will be the character of Toyota Prius 2016.

2016 Toyota Prius Specs

Speaking about the engine, the gossip said that the car will be powered with lithium-particle, vehicle engines, electric cells and also twisting gear sets from Cvt. However, there is no further explanation for the engine options for 2016 Toyota Prius. We need to wait the official clarification so we got the exact information about the engine details, the top speed and the output. Hopefully, the company could complete it with cost-efficient engine and powerful output.

2016 Toyota Prius Release Date and Price

It is too far to talk about when the car will be released and the price. At this time, the company still has a lot of time to do the development around the car. So, perhaps they will use their time wisely to maximize their performance to give the best styles, redesign part, functional version and much better performance around the car. For sure, we think that the company will introduce the car to the first enthusiasts around 2015. It means the company has one year to fix the design concept around the external, internal and engine option. Speaking about the price tag, it seems that the company will not directly announce it after the production of the car but we will know about that after introducing on the showroom for 2016 Toyota Prius.


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