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Opel Insignia 2015

Wednesday, February 4th 2015 | Opel | by Rhey Keillen

Opel Insignia 2015 will be a new car that is possible to be released soon by Opel. The car has big popularity as an awesome city car you could ride that is quite perfect for them who need remarkable city car to drive. It will receive many changes that will make you satisfy enough to wait its coming. As the latest version, it will continue the debut of its predecessor that has been produced in 2007. In Europe, it is called as Opel but for China and United States, it is called as Buick Regal. Of course, those names show different engine options.

New Opel Insignia 2015Opel Insignia Exterior and Interior

Opel Insignia 2015 is claimed to be the modern sedan through the changes around its exterior and interior. The design will be awesome with the presence of chrome aluminum for its bodywork. Around the wheelbase, it has 18 inches of alloy wheel and it is made of chrome. The company considers redesigning the rear bumper a bit high but they lowered the front part. Inside the Opel Insignia 2015, you could find out seven seats with comfortable design to support more than 9 people. There is LCD screen in cockpit to adjust the features such as Bluetooth, MP3 Player, Wiper and climate control for Opel Insignia 2015.

Opel Insignia Engine

When it comes to the engine, the company will offer three engine options. First is the Turbo EcoTec engine 1.6 liter in order to produce the output about 170 horsepower and 3,200 rpm of torque. This engine is paired to six-speed auto transmission with the maximum speed is 112 mph while the second engine of Opel Insignia 2015 is Turbo Ecotec engine 2.0 liter to produce 250 horsepower and 2,500 rpm of torque with the top speed about 112 mph. It is mated to six-speed auto transmission through AWD system.

Opel Insignia 2015 Release Date and Price

There is still no hint at all about the exact release date for its arrival. We only find out some rumors from the reliable sites that the company will launch at Frankfurt Motor Show. For turbo engine 1.6 liter, you need $17,000 and for 2.0 liter turbo AWD is $23,490. It is quite cheap but it has luxurious interior. It is a perfect car for urban city people with three color options from black, white to red. It makes you easier to choose Opel Insignia 2015.

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