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New BMW 7 Series 2015

Tuesday, July 8th 2014 | BMW | by Rhey Keillen

BMW 7 Series 2015New BMW 7 Series 2015 as the next creation that will shed several bodyweight part for future car. According to Herbert Dies as the manager, the car be the most innovative car in BMW’s history. As we know that in the past, the revealed design for G11 7 Series will be completed with fiber since it will help the car to have a lighter material. We heard that the car has several new changes and new dimension.

New BMW 7 Series 2015 Concept

New BMW 7 Series 2015 not only get fiber material in order to make the bodyweight being lighter, but it will also has metal added to the car. It means that there will be a material combination on it. It seems that the boot lid, hood and ceiling are created from CFRP and it will be validated by the journal. We also heard that the car concept will be the most powerful especially for high – class automobile as the way to demonstrate the committed and competitive power of New BMW 7 Series 2015. Since the car possible to be the first history in BMW as a high class, we predict that there will be a lot of improvements from both the interior and exterior. What we cannot wait is about the grille, the bumpers, the alloy wheels, and also the navigation system that is supported by touch screen technology and safety features in New BMW 7 Series 2015.

New BMW 7 Series 2015 Dimension

As the next generation, the car has a new dimension. We could see the length that is 501mm and the high is around 1425mm. For under the hood, the car is supported by six-cylinder with V12 and V8 generators. New BMW 7 Series 2015 also has inline-six diesels. The engine also powered by multiple gasoline electric that is plugged in in this car. From the same source, we heard that it has a nine-speed ZF automatic gearbox that will give you the conventional performance. It is available for you to get all-wheel and rear-wheel generate.

New BMW 7 Series 2015 Release Date and Price

Several rumors said that the car will be released in the end of this year but we still do not have any clarification yet from the company. About the price, we predict that it could reach over $40,000 since it has a new dimension and even new facelift for New BMW 7 Series 2015.

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