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New 2017 Opel Monza

Tuesday, February 17th 2015 | Opel | by Rhey Keillen

2017 Opel Monza is built by Opel automotive industry and it was founded around 1862 as a German automaker. Before, the company was quite dominant and even they were the largest car cooperation in Germany and now, they would like to repeat the history by producing the new stunning concept after a long sleep. This car was the successful series and the company wants to make it more futuristic that will determine the future of Opel cars.

2017 Opel MonzaOpel Monza Exterior and Interior

New 2017 Opel Monza for the main design feature will be available with frontal stylish look. It is also has clear and luxurious hood. As other new version, the company completes it by adding striking headlamp to make it more conventional among others. With the new concept, it is more fantastic especially with the Opel logo around its sporty grille bar. In addition, 2017 Monza has unique technology which is combined to custom connectivity to give excellent system to attract buyers. Well, it is not the end because the car has ultra-modern design that will not sacrifice its efficiency. The car is coming with the length for about 184.6 inches and multifunction display that is supported with 18 LED projectors. Moreover, there is also door-to-door instrument panel and also steering-wheel-mounted controls through the support of social-media functions. In short, we could say that there will be more interesting features especially the technology to support the comfort for both driver and passenger to ride Opel Monza.

Opel Monza Engine

This new generation is quite promising to come up with electric motor and also turbocharged engine three-cylinder 1.0 liter range extender that is also powered by natural gas for 2017 Opel Monza. However, we cannot reveal more details for the powertrain including the acceleration, the top speed and even the fuel efficiency since the company has not revealed yet any complete details for its engine.

2017 Opel Monza Release Date and Price

Again and again, the most difficult question to answer is when the company will release the car and how much the cost in order to purchase this new version. Since the car is still a concept which means the company only has some preparations to build it and it is still under the consideration, it is difficult to estimate the production cost. That is why we recommend you to wait the company to unveil the new version of 2017 Opel Monza.

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