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New 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 | Mercedes-Benz | by Rhey Keillen

2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 is obviously a science fiction generation that is very futuristic and its design will remind you about the car from Star Wars of Star Track. It has unusual design that is totally different and unique. At the first sight, you may think that this car could fly. This concept car could show you that the future needs something much more than the current design. The platform should provide communication and interaction. It is designed by German automaker with some interesting futuristic technology.

2017 Mercedes Benz F 015Mercedes Benz F 015 Exterior and Interior

New 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 will be designed with 5 meters of length and 2 meters of width and you could see that the front and rear-hinged doors could open to 90 degrees. Moreover, there will be saloon-door system. About the body structure, the company will support it with carbon fiber plastic, high-strength aluminum and also aluminum to make the car has 40 percent of lighter bodyweight than the current model. Furthermore, you could also find out LED lights to complete the very futuristic and excellent shape of 2017 F 015. It has great mobility that will attract more buyers once it is launched in the market. When it comes to the cabin, it has super comfort to support passengers. The company will add crash-responsive beltlines for maximum safety and inside, there will be rotated mobile seats and once you arrived at your destination the seat could return to the starting position automatically so that you could easily exit the car. For the main feature, there will be four lounge chairs in New Mercedes Benz F 015.

Mercedes Benz F 015 Engine

The company also takes serious consideration to support its performance. Their best option could be by adding hydrogen-electric plug-in hybrid drive that is based on the hydrogen cells, two electric motors for 134 horsepower and the last is lithium-ion battery for 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015. Well, we should admit that Mercedes does not totally open for all details that you should now at this time.

2017 Mercedes Benz F 015 Release Date

This interesting car will make you have something for future. Its design is totally cool with some impressive features to offer. It is something out of the box. Well, speaking about when the company will release it and how much you should spend to purchase it, it seems the company has not considered it yet for 2017 Mercedes Benz F 015.


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