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New 2017 BMW 5 Series

Monday, May 4th 2015 | BMW | by Rhey Keillen

2017 BMW 5 Series is the new generation that will apply bodywork production with the new style. It is reported by some reliable sources that this new series will be designed as the mid-sized sedan with luxurious style. The company has big ambition to make it undefeatable from some strong rivals through its superior dynamic after they have tested it on four vehicles to compare.

BMW 5 Series2017 BMW 5 Series Exterior and Interior

2017 BMW 5 Series will go with extended platform from BMW. This way will make the car have great performance that is even much better from E39 Series. The car is also has reduced weight because the extensive usage of light materials such as aluminum. As a result, the company could help the car to be easier to handle. Moreover, there is also carbon fiber. In addition, 2017 BMW 5 Series is reported to have camouflaged headlights and taillights while the offal grille will be the signature that is wider than the previous model. It has more scalloped deck lick and the design is more chiseled than before. Around the surface, it has more rounded design because the company will remove the boxy surfaces from the 2017 BMW 5 Series.

2017 BMW 5 Series Engine

In order to support the performance, the company cut the weight so that the car runs faster than before. This also helps a lot to make it more economical with the lowered fuel economy. At the same time, the car has increased efficiency. There is a strong prediction that 2017 BMW 5 Series will go with inline-six new modular 3.0 liter. This engine will displace each cylinder 0.5 liter. The power will be transmitted to manual six-speed but it is still unknown about the horsepower that could be produced through this engine. Some powertrain models are possible to offer in order to cover the demand for all kinds of customers.

2017 BMW 5 Series Release Date, Price and Competitors

From the test performance, the car is ready to deal with some strong rivals such as Audi A6, Cadillac CTS and also Mercy E350. From the comparison, it shows that this car still has higher volume for the sales record. Although it is still unknown about the release date and the price tag because the official gives no hints at all, it is still you have no reason to wait the coming of 2017 BMW 5 Series.


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