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New 2015 VW Phaeton Redesign

Tuesday, March 3rd 2015 | Volkswagen | by Rhey Keillen

2015 VW Phaeton will be one of the cars that is produced by Volkswagen in this year. It means that the company would be very busy because they will also offer some other models. This car is basically produced by Dodge but Dodge is the subsidiary from Volkswagen Group so Volkswagen will produce it. In the previous model, the car has similar design with Princess Car because the unique body designs. At this time, it is issued that the company wants to build it with long body as a luxury car. It has beautiful interior and stylish exterior. The car has quite good performance that will make you wait if you want to find out medium engine specification for this luxury car.

New VW Phaeton 20152015 VW Phaeton Exterior and Interior

2015 VW Phaeton is designed with long body design that is only could support for about four seats. For the entire seats, those will be wrapped with natural leather and heat resistance. Around the cockpit, you could find out LCD screen to adjust the navigation system and around the screens there are some buttons that will allow you to adjust the car features including climate control, Bluetooth and MP3 player for 2015 VW Phaeton. It has long flat exhausted rear bumper with 19 inches of alloy wheel base from aluminum. About the side mirror, it is designed for carbon. We do expect that the company will redesign some small details such as the lights and the grille to complete the new look of 2015 VW Phaeton.

2015 VW Phaeton Engine

There were two engine types offered in the previous model which were V8 and also W12 engines. At this time, it is rumored that the company will support it with V6 engine through four-cylinder 3.5 liter. This engine is quite possible if 2015 VW Phaeton could generate the output for more than 345 horsepower. To transmit the power, there will be eight-speed auto transmission. The top speed could reach for about 175 mph and in just 4.5 seconds, the car could accelerate to 60 mph. Other rumors said that the car will use V8 engine or W12 for the limited variant.

2015 VW Phaeton Release Date and Price

Likely, it is very possible to see the company releases this new version at the beginning of this year but it is still unknown. For the price tag, it will be offered for around $60,000. Well, this car is quite expensive but it offers you complete features with high engine specs. There will be three color options such as Dark Blue, Pearl White and Black. Black will be the main color for the first release of 2015 VW Phaeton.


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