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Ford Raptor 2016 Set to Receive Aluminum Body Panels

Wednesday, May 21st 2014 | Ford | by Rhey Keillen

Ford F 150 SVT RaptorFord Raptor 2016 has been available since 2010 and its return is featured with off-road capability. This truck on the market got instant hit because the powerful engine. At this time, there is a huge rise demand that people are waiting its new design. The car is basically still under the development and it is offered with aluminum construction as the part of the materials.

Ford Raptor 2016 Design

Ford Raptor 2016 for the first enthusiasts has bought the truck for 13,000 annually, we have found that the car will be featured with aluminum and the construction is a bit similar from the upcoming F-150 2015. The car as the next generation is completed with high-strength steel frame and there will be high-strength aluminum alloy that could make the body has lighter weight for about 700 pounds compared to the upcoming models in 2015. With this bodyweight, for sure it helps the car a lot especially if it runs through the desert. The new alloy body from aluminum, it is no wonder that the car will get ideal body weight along with more efficient fuel economy. For the interior, it is expected that the car could get some improvements includes the features of entertainment, infotainment and also safety feature system.

Ford Raptor 2016 Engine

For under the hood, finally the company has considered to use the most popular engine used by Ford and this engine is returned version. It is supported with turbocharged engine that could get the output for about 365 horsepower through the V6 EcoBoost 3.5 liter support that is offered on F-150. Of course, this is what we are waiting for Ford Raptor 2016. Well, it seems that the company only needs to find out the right engine to support the lighter bodyweight that could give beneficial performance around the fuel.

Ford Raptor 2016 Release Date and Price

For your information, the truck is reported to be available in 2016. Speaking about the price tag, it is estimated that the cost could be more than just $45,900 as today’s cost to get the starting model. It is said that the company will keep the competitive price for the car. Well, it is not a matter for you to wait this version if the body weight, balance, engine performance and the fuel consumption is your first priority instead of purchasing the 2015 model for Ford Raptor 2016.


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