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Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 Price

Wednesday, April 15th 2015 | Alfa Romeo | by Rhey Keillen

Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 will be a perfect car that could complete you if you think that you need great car performance with unique design. It is mentioned that this car will be produced on Mazda Fiat Team Function in Turin, France but there is a big expectation that the concept will be introduced for 2015 model year. The car is very unique because the style is built from two big automakers with the powerful motor.

New Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 Exterior and Interior

Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 is coming out with nice bodywork because it is combined with retro style around its rounded body design. This car has much more modern design for both the taillight and headlight. The design looks new with the convertible roof design. The grille has triangle design on the front of this new version for more unique look. Speaking about the cabin, Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 goes with very stylish look. It is better to not expect the car with the spacious cabin because it is built with compact dimension. Inside, it has sporty and stylish design because the dual seats around the cabin. The control panel is well-arranged around the dashboard so that the cockpit has more elegant look compared to the previous model. As the new two-seater roadster, it is equipped with new program which is high-strength metal. This program makes the car stronger and more powerful compared to Mazda or Alfa Romeo. The car has less bodyweight with better efficiency than the predecessor. It is also coming out with front side motor. The car will go with rear-wheel drive system with the mixture between great quality of Asia and France for Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015.

Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 Engine

When it comes to the engine, the French sources mentioned that the company will complete it with Alfa Romeo’s motor that is called Turbocompresseur Multiair which is 1750 cc TBi Direct-injected turbo four-cylinder as the best way to produce the output for more than 250 horsepower. In addition, Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015 is built with the rear-wheel drive system and the power will be transmitted to six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch auto through steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters. Other rumors said that the car could be supported with six-speed guide gear box or seven-speed dual-clutch auto gearbox.

There is a big expectation that the company will offer more special things especially around the cabin such as Bluetooth connectivity, CD or MP3 stereo good combination and much more. The cost could be more than £2300 to purchase Alfa Romeo Duetto 2015.


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