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2016 VW CC Redesign and Release Date

Friday, May 29th 2015 | Volkswagen | by Rhey Keillen

2016 VW CC will come out as the luxury sedan produced by Volkswagen that is comparable from Passat but they have different concept. This car will give you more satisfaction with its luxury. Its name stands for Comfort Coupe. Volkswagen as the popular German automaker has developed it to be the finest member of their products.

2016 VW CC2016 VW CC Exterior and Interior

2016 VW CC will be available with significant changes especially for its changes. It is explained by many unofficial sources that the company could design it with the similar concept as Audi A7. This way means that the car has more versions including the fastback variant. That is why we think that the A7 and Sportback version is still comparable. Both of them are coming out with the luxurious concept as a sedan. Another car from VW that is comparable to 2016 VW CC is Passat. Basically CC has smaller design. The different between it with Passat is the target customer will be different. This car will feel the gap among the buyers’ need so they could choose between Passat and 2016 VW CC.

2016 VW CC Engines

Since the car is still under the development, we found no detail information for its engine specification. People found difficulties in order to predict the engine. The next Passat Volkwagen has been reported with the turbo-diesel engine that is able to produce at least 190 horses. For the higher-end, it could be more than 280 horses. We think that 2016 VW CC will be more economical with 150 horses and this output could be produced from the TDI 2.0 liter engine. This engine is the same as the current model but with higher output. There are optional trim packages you can choose. You can choose more styling, indoor features and performance to customize it.

2016 VW CC Release Date and Price

We do not know when the company will release this car but it should be sometime in 2015 or 2016. The price tag will not change too much because of those improvements above. It is estimated that the base version will go about $35,000 and the extra cost for additional trim packages in this car. However, at the time of writing this information we do sure that the company gives no confirmation yet officially. So what we have today is still assumption and rumor for the new 2016 VW CC.

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