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2016 Toyota Supra Concept Confirms Toyota FT-1

Monday, April 21st 2014 | Toyota | by Rhey Keillen

Toyota FT-12016 Toyota Supra FT-1 concept has been launched by Toyota few times ago and at this time the car becomes the attention from the enthusiasts, rivals and also markets. Basically the car is a new sports car and it comes with the new concept which could give the sign of the return for legendary Supra. Even if there is no official information related to the rendering design, but some rumors are coming out with the rendering design.

2016 Toyota Supra Design

2016 Toyota Supra is designed with a pretty simple rendering especially for the convertible version. The company is suggested to remove the center section around the roof so that it could flatten out the rear part of the roof. Above the windshield, the car could receive a frame. Some seats are available in the cabin to create more realistic design. It is true that at this time the company still make a plan about designing the car so it is basically a concept because they need to observe the flow of the demand since they have enough time to think about the concept of 2016 Toyota Supra. Another suggestion comes that the car for coupe version should be available with revised nose to remove the wild so that it is offered with more traditional lights with smooth air intakes and more rear spoilers in this version of 2016 Toyota Supra.

2016 Toyota Supra Specs

For under the hood, the car will get improved engine performance through the boosted V6 engine offered by the engineers. The car is estimated to get the output for about 400 horsepower and it is incredible because awesome performance also could be seen in the base model of 2016 Toyota Supra which has naturally aspirated V6.

Toyota FT-1 Front Car2016 Toyota Supra Competitors, Release Date and Price

For the competitors, the car will have a market battle with Stingray which is basically has 460 ponies as the output and its cost is for about $53,000. Another rival is Nissan 350Z Roadster that is basically a traditional convertible with 332 horsepower and 270 pound-feet torque with the price for about $41,470. Hence, the company has not announced when it will be released but the company needs to make a nice price tag. As we have found that the car is designed with much powerful engine and better interior design, we predict that the price tag will be not more than $50,000 for 2016 Toyota Supra.


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