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2016 Tesla Model 3 Price and Review

Friday, March 27th 2015 | Tesla | by Rhey Keillen

2016 Tesla Model 3 is still unknown and there is no much information available about the upcoming design of this small sedan. It is only reported by the official that the details around this car will go with excellent performance and it is because the electric performance. Although the release date is still unknown, it is still one of the anticipated cars in the market.

2016 Tesla Model 32016 Tesla Model 3 Exterior and Interior

2016 Tesla Model 3 will be built with smaller dimension compared to the model S and it will be completely different especially in the term of features. This car is quite different from the S model because this car has aluminum body to make it much more conventional with heavier steel body and more affordable price tag to offer. The big goal about presenting 2016 Tesla Model 3 for the company is about how to make it as an affordable car but it has good quality. It is mentioned that the bodywork perhaps will be a bit similar to the Model S that is quite inspiring and attractive. This way will make this smaller sedan will not get all things from the bigger brother because the company wants to make it much more unique through the design cues. That is why it is expected that this handsome compact sedan could be available with nice design and improvements. Perhaps, it is possible to see the car with the stylish lines around the bodywork to attract buyers for waiting 2016 Tesla Model 3.

2016 Tesla Model 3 Engine

This compact sedan is estimated for the first to go for about 200 miles on single charge but it is not much worse compared to Model S. Although the S sedan will go with better performance, it does not more than 300 or 400 miles. We glad to know that the company will support 2016 Tesla Model 3 with more efficient fuel economy although there is no detailed information given by the official.

2016 Tesla Model 3 Release Date and Price

As we have mentioned to you above, this car is still unknown when will be released. It is only rumored that the company will launch it sometime in the next year. This new version is predicted to have the price tag for about $35,000 and the Tesla Model S has $69,000. Of course, this car will be very successful since it has affordable price tag for 2016 Tesla Model 3.


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