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2016 Rolls Royce Phantom

Thursday, May 22nd 2014 | Rolls-Royce | by Rhey Keillen

Rolls Royce Phantom2016 Rolls Royce Phantom is coming with its first debut in the early of 2013. It is said that the car has the development especially for underneath part from BMW with the first standalone design that has been introduced by British Marque. It is said that the car will go with coupe and convertible style with some updates to make it more contemporary compared to the previous model of the car.

2016 Rolls Royce Phantom Rumors

2016 Rolls Royce Phantom basically comes with a lot of rumors that the car will come in the platform from BMW 7-Series. We all know that BMW is luxury car so for sure the design will not go too far from that car. It is gossiped is the car will come with lighter bodyweight and the design of 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom is very ideal to support its performance. For sure the car will totally has the different look compared to the previous model. We cannot wait its details such as the grilles, chassis, and bumper and even alloy wheels around the car. Also, we expect to see the new exterior paint offered or at least a new light. Inside the cabin, there would be a luxury interior with high quality leather and panel that you cannot deny. Improved features will be offered with the latest innovation of technology for 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom.

2016 Rolls Royce Phantom Engine

For under the hood, the car has greatest resolution in order to give better performance through productive fuel economy. It will be a bit different from the current version which got shared platform with the current model of 7-Series. It is also very possible for the company to offer the car with hybrid system that has enhanced fuel consumption. We have heard the rumors that the car will get all-wheel drive through the massive engine of V12 for 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom. However, until now the company doesn’t announce to us about the output with that engine supports. Of course we are expecting a great powerful engine to be offered with more efficient fuel consumption.

2016 Rolls Royce Phantom Release Date and Price

Speaking about the release date, it is not announced yet by the company. We think that the car could be available in 2016 and we do hope to see it in the beginning of the year on the market. The price tag could be higher compared to current product since the new platform could give massive changes for 2016 Rolls Royce Phantom.


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