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2016 Mitsubishi Evo Coming Back

Tuesday, May 6th 2014 | Mitsubishi | by Rhey Keillen

2016 Mitsubishi Evo2016 Mitsubishi Evo is coming for U.S market. It is said that the car is coming with conventional design. No one knows about the details of the car because the company keeps hiding everything related to the car. It is quite interesting since the company has a big confident to expect the car as the incredible performance and specs.

2016 Mitsubishi Evo Exterior

2016 Mitsubishi Evo is reported to be the eleventh generation and it is not coming with Renault platform. We have heard that the car will use Lancer platform. It means that Evo and Lancer will diverge through the redesign. Speaking about the exterior, there will be some improvements around it. It gives distinctive design in order to make the car has more aggressive look. One more year will be the time to distribute the tenth generation. 2016 Mitsubishi Evo is reported to have great performance along with its good looking. The Mitsubishi Concept-RA will be the source to give basic design elements in this car. Overall, it still uses the new platform. To support its design, the car will receive advanced technology. We think that the car will be available as limited generation but we are still waiting the official information about 2016 Mitsubishi Evo.

2016 Mitsubishi Evo Specs

For under the hood, the car will be available with smaller engine and smaller electric motor. Not only that, but there are also lighter and better new batteries. We think that the batteries for 2016 Mitsubishi Evo the car will be LEJ (Lithium Energy Japan) and at this time we only expect that the car will have surprising engine efficiency for its fuel consumption and give better performance. It is rumored that the car will be powered as hybrid turbocharged four-cylinder engine 2.0 liter supported with two electric motors. 500 horsepower could be generated by the car and there is a hope if the car could have improved S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) system to give more support around the handling and performance.

2016 Mitsubishi Evo Release Date and Price

For your information, we have heard the information that the car will be launched in the next year around July. Speaking about the price, we know well that the current model is ready with the price tag for about $36,000 and for sure this model will have higher price. There is a claim that the car would not go for over $50,000 so it means the price range is from $40,000 to $50,000 for 2016 Mitsubishi Evo.


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