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2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Thursday, January 22nd 2015 | Mitsubishi | by Rhey Keillen

Mitsubishi Eclipse2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse is the new expectation for the car enthusiasts, the renowned Japanese designer will revamp this model by developing the latest plan. For future time, it will be possible for the company to renew this model in order to come better than before.

The New Features Inside and Outside 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will probably come with some modifications. For its interior, the manufacturer is going to be possible to consider of sporty aspects to boost the cabin. While the color of vibrant will be made to make the car come with conspicuous. Other features like worth wooden trim, panels even also the best quality materials will be included to renew the cabin. Besides that, the manufacturer will also bring the leather steering wheel and seats. In addition, 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will probably have the modern gadgets with high-tech and compatible. This car does not only bring the refreshments inside a cabin, but also bring the exterior design. In the front design, this car will have LED lights. Under the LED, the manufacturer will also include the larger air intakes. At the back design, the two water-intakes will be included as well. And the following materials, the manufacturer will offer five alunimum alloy rods to renew the edge appearance outisde 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Performance

The manufacturer is going to offer two engine variants for having the best output. Reportedly, the 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will use the engine of SOHC MIVEC with 2.4 litre 4-cylinder. So, this car can attain more than 162 hp. For the following option, this car will be powered by engine with a 3.8 litre which will be possible generating around 265 hp. For its acceleration, this car will probably reach started from 0 up to 60 mph in just 6 seconds. Not only that, the dual-clutch transmission of automatic even manual will be offered later for 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Main Rivals

The model of 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse is expected to have the next competitors in the future. Likely the versions of Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz even also Mustang will be its main rivals.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Release Date and Price

Rumorly, the company is going to launch the car for the first time in the United States market. In other report, this car will be published likely in a very early 2015. It is so hard to predict the cost range because the company has given unofficial statement. Waiting for the company development is the best choice to know more information about 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse.


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