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2016 Mazda Rx7 Return with New Rotary Engine

Wednesday, May 28th 2014 | Mazda | by Rhey Keillen

2016 Mazda Rx72016 Mazda Rx7 is basically known well as the Japanese product. It is coming for the first debut since 1920. The car is always featured with small and light design. Just to let you know that the first model of this car is created in 1978 and it was the determiner in order to make the car still well known until today, at this time, we have heard the report that the company will send it back to be produced. This new generation basically will be the successor for Mazda MX5.

2016 Mazda Rx7 Exterior

2016 Mazda Rx7 is said that the car will be available with the initial stage for its development. The basic features are still considered. Today, the most important one to consider is about the engine. It seems that the car will have the same design especially for its exterior with Mazda MX5. The car could work with two doors as the small sport coupe.

2016 Mazda Rx7 Interior

2016 Mazda Rx7 will also accommodate for about two passengers and it is very easy yet simple to manage. Even though there are not a lot of information we could give at this time, but still it has a quite strong rival called Subaru BRZ, Toyota GF86, and Nissan 370Z. It is recommended if the company takes every consideration carefully because the coming of rivals for 2016 Mazda Rx7.

2016 Mazda Rx7 Engine

For under the hood, we heard that the car is expected to be available with wankel engine. It means that the engine has rotary for about two or even three cylinders. Not only that, but the engine also will be more powerful compared to the Mazda RX8. Moreover, we also need to see a much greater efficiency in term of its fuel and oil consumption. 2016 Mazda Rx7 needs to be presented with the output for about 250-300 horses along with some torque. It is very possible if the car will be available with the turbo charging engine as the most important and very powerful design.

2016 Mazda Rx7 Release Date

For your information, we have found the trusted source said that the car will come for its premiere around the end of 2015 since the company still has more time in order to apply some intentions and ideas around the car. Well, it is impossible to launch the car today because they won’t do anything in a rush. We are a bit curious because there is a high possibility if the car could be the 2017 model for its coming. Sure, you deserve to wait 2016 Mazda Rx7.

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