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2016 Honda Ridgeline Concept Redesign

Saturday, October 25th 2014 | Honda | by Rhey Keillen

2016 Honda Ridgeline Concept2016 Honda Ridgeline is rumored to come with the introduction of hybrid engine and this car will be the number one in its class as a pickup trucks. It is said that the car will continue its life in American market. As we know that the current model is behind Chevy and Ford so that it got third rank. That is why Honda considers developing this truck for major impact. Before, the company wants to launch it as 2015 model but they need extra time for its construction.

2016 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

2016 Honda Ridgeline for its design could make you fall in love or perhaps hate it. Actually the main concern is about the handling and the off-road capability. It is not surprising that its bodywork is the part of the tasks to achieve its target. In order to make it has much better handling, of course the car should get a better aerodynamic with its body design. We expect to see the car with lighter bodyweight and big alloy wheels so that the car is comfortable enough for off-road. As a full-size truck, a more power is required especially for towing capacity and the big load. Its improvements should be enough to deal with Chevy and Ford because they are stronger and much better than the current New Honda Ridgeline 2016. Not only about the bodywork that needs some fresh and even improvement to support its design and performance, but it is also important for the company to focus on the features inside. Some upgraded features are nice to offer. This way could help the car to attract more buyers for 2016 Ridgeline.

2016 Honda Ridgeline Redesign2016 Honda Ridgeline Specs

It is true that the 2016 Honda Ridgeline rumor is getting louder related to the first try of hybrid engine in this car and it takes our attention. In 2014, the company has left this experiment and they did adding EcoTec powertrain instead of using hybrid since it is stronger and more efficient with better performance result. 2016 Honda Ridgeline is not in the same class as Silverado but the case of the delay for 2015 model is a bit questioning. The current 17 mpg of its rating was not enough to make it competitive. The car is left behind with the ability of Chevrolet and Ford that both are able to get 25 mpg and 23 mpg. The car is quite popular with VTM-4 4-wheel drive as the option of hybrid with V6 power train 3.5 liter 24 valves to generate 250 horsepower and 245 lb-ft of torque. According to rumors, the hybrid engine should reach their target to get 30 mpg.

2016 Honda Ridgeline Release

Since the hybrid engine is still under development stage, it is hard to say when the exact date to release 2016 Honda Ridgeline.


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