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2016 BMW X1 Rendering

Tuesday, April 15th 2014 | BMW | by Rhey Keillen

2015 BMW X12016 BMW X1 will be the latest update and the car will come with some models which are ready to compete in automotive market in 2016. Based on the trusted source, the car will be introduced at the showroom 2014 Detroit Auto Show for 2015 model.  Information we gained is about the presence of prototype caught by spy photographers who are spotted the car with a different look compared to the current model. Of course, our strong feeling goes to the car.

2015 BMW X1 Front Detail2016 BMW X1 Design

2016 BMW X1 has a lot of changes in order which is totally new. Based on the spy shot, the car has a shorter prototype but it is quite sportier and sleeker compared to the current model. The shorter length is presented especially for the front end since the new platform applied. The basic form offered by the company in this car is about front-wheel drive and the optional is all-wheel drive. There is also video about the prototype is also has slipping front wheels when the acceleration around the tires available for wet patch road. With this new fact, of course it is true that the car will come in front-wheel drive with a better package layout. 2016 BMW X1 around the interior, hopefully it will come with larger space because even if it is coming with shorter size. But, with the help of front-engine, it could create a possibility to have better space. A clean look with some improvements around the interior and features are what we are expected. We need to see a new high quality leather and seat cover in order to provide a new different look for 2016 BMW X1.

2016 BMW X 1 Spec

For under the hood, the engine standard for the UKL platform is straight 6-engine. It allows the engineers to mount it transversely even if it would be not too clear to fit it with this next generation. We also have heard about the gossip of a chance for the 2016 BMW X1 to get a new offering to pair with the 3-cylinder engine to complete the speed performance of it.

2016 BMW X1 Release Date

Now the question is simple, when it will be released? We have heard a report that the car will be released in the end of 2015.  Speaking about the price tag, at this time the company has not consider yet but it could be higher price compared to the current model of 2016 BMW X1.


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