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2016 BMW 5 Series Facelift

Monday, April 14th 2014 | BMW | by Rhey Keillen

2016 BMW 5 Series Facelift2016 BMW 5 Series is spotted by spy photographers. The car is caught for the test mule in the first time. For sure it is no wonder that the company prepare it in order to compete with its all competitors which at this time cannot be ignored anymore. Based on the spy shots, it could be said that the car comes with no major details since it is still under the development. We have heard that the car will get new wider platform with more engine options to fulfill the demand of the market in the future of 2016.

2016 BMW 5 Series Facelift Side Angle2016 BMW 5 Series Facelift

2016 BMW 5 Series for the exterior is coming with shocking report because this is the first time in the history of BMW 5 Series to use different platforms. It means that in one series, this is the only version which is different from others. With this new history, for sure you will have a choice; if you want to have different look for driving BMW, you should wait this series and for you who think that you only need the same platform, you can choose the 2015 model. Around the headlights, the car will get corona rings. There are also grill and kidney bulges which got extension. For the front bumper, the servo motors could take the control when it is opened. We end the exterior changes with the slimmer taillights. 2016 BMW 5 Series is basically will also come with a great new cabin look. A spacious cabin is provided for new kid and it could make you enjoy the roomier interior compared to the 2015 model. You will see advanced technology features from the infotainment, safety to navigation system. Leather with best quality for the steering wheel and seat cover could amaze you with 2016 BMW 5 Series

2016 BMW 5 Series Specs

As we said before, the car will come with more options around the engine. A lighter component includes radiators, brakes and also axles will come with eight-cylinder engine which could turn the car into a stiffer, heavier and rigid look. 2016 BMW 5 Series is likely will get three-cylinder engine especially for 5181i to produce 150 horsepower. It is also possible if the 5 series will go with 4 and also 6 cylinder for under the hood. About the diesel engine, it seems that it will be offered for European market only.

2016 BMW 5 Series Facelift Rear Car2016 BMW 5 Series Release Date, Competitors and Price

We have heard that the car is expected to be seen in the market for 2016 in summer. Speaking about the competitors, Mercedes E-class and Audi A6 will be on the list. For the price tag, we found the report said that it will go with the starting price around £33,000 for 2016 BMW 5 Series.


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