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2015 WV Passat Wagon and TDI Changes

Saturday, May 17th 2014 | Volkswagen | by Rhey Keillen

2015 WV Passat Wagon2015 WV Passat is originated from Germany. For the company, the car is the second most priority in their market production. Lately, the car is spotted behind the VW Golf and it is said that the car is transformed to go back in the model of 1937. So far, the car is available as the station wagon. It is a family car that comes out in heavy cover.

2015 WV Passat Changes

2015 WV Passat does not need to be available with a total upgrade because the new version today with under the development could come with new headlights and taillights and also around the grille. There is a high possibility if the car will be available with new bumpers too. We also heard that the car will come in another stage. The more proficient and lighter version through the MQB stage. Four entryways will be kept by the company. Furthermore, 2015 WV Passat has more space inside. Even though many reports said that the car is under the development but it goes to mystery because until now the company has not said anything. The upgraded materials will be presented for its cabin with better quality and it could accommodate for about five passengers in 2015 WV Passat.

2015 WV Passat Specs

For under the hood, the car is coming with few motor variants and it is expected to be available with TSI and TDI turbo four-chamber motor. The car has front-wheel drive and the optional is all-wheel drive. It is said that the variants could match with the turbo motor 1.4 Liter along with lithium particle electric storage device in 2015 WV Passat. Moreover, we also found the news from trusted source that the car could be available with turbo charging especially for TSI motors. It is possible to come with bi-turbo diesel engine motor 2.0 liters and it is for all TSI motors. To lessen the discharges, the company will try hard for it.

2015 WV Passat Release Date and Price

For your information, the car is stated to be available on the market in the beginning of 2015. We heard that the company scheduled the car to come on the showroom in September around 2014 at Paris Motor Show. Speaking about the price tag, the car perhaps will go with higher cost but we have a strong feeling if it never goes far away from the current of 2015 WV Passat.

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