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2015 Volvo SC90 Concept Sport Sedan

Monday, April 7th 2014 | Volvo | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Volvo SC90 Concept2015 Volvo SC90 is rumored to come and it is sanctioned by Volvo in technical way. The concept is brought by Nouphone J. Bansasine. The concept is actually based on studying the car concept for Volvo at Volvo monitoring and Concept Center. It is reported that the concept is built with a much better design compared to the previous generation. Well, if so we expect that it does not far away from the expectation.

2015 Volvo SC90 Concept Rear Angle Car2015 Volvo SC90 Concept

2015 Volvo SC90 has been reported that the car will come with more aggressive nose and there is fastback roofline which comes with stylish look. What we love to see is the very welcome successor is presented for this 4-door coupe. It could be available with oh-so-bland S80. We should confess that it is stylish as the mid-range luxury design for 2015 Volvo SC90. Moreover, the company claimed that this concept will be the hottest car in their production. They also added that the new Volvo will come with sports car model and it has aggressive fascia. You will love the fastback roof line which is goes to the aerodynamic rear end. At a glance, you will see that the car is a two-door coupe but it is not. The 4-door is presented with flushed door handles by the way. Based on the rumors, if the company could fulfill to make this concept comes true, it is possible to make its customers come back to choose 2015 Volvo SC90.

2015 Volvo SC90 Specs

So far, there is no official information about under the hood. There is a high demand that all cars are expected to come with hybrid engine as the options. However, we think that 2015 Volvo SC90 has a big chance to come with hybrid engine, so it is not surprising if the company has a further planning for that.

2015 Volvo SC90 Competitors

For your information, if the car arrives in the auto market with the concept comes true of course Mercedes and BMW will get it as the new competitor because Volvo deserves to be the beautiful car with the same luxury concept as its rivals. Moreover, BMW and Mercedes cannot ignore its presence if the company produces the car. The case is just the same as Audi that has been built with old style before which surprisingly comes now with a great design that makes the car has the same class as those luxury cars. We believe it also could happen for 2015 Volvo SC90.

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