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2015 Volkswagen Golf R Specs and Release Date

Wednesday, June 25th 2014 | Volkswagen | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Volkswagen Golf R2015 Volkswagen Golf R will be the newest MQB system for Volkswagen. About the car, it brings an extremely effective performance and fuel mileage since it has all-wheel-drive that is totally different from other. The interesting news is the car will have a security system for its engine. Not only that, but the company also gave a lot of improvements for both exterior and interior design.

2015 Volkswagen Golf R Specs

2015 Volkswagen Golf R will be completed with Haldex that could work for all-wheel drive system. The car could generate 100 percent energy through the back tires when it will be used. About the energy, it is a turbocharged motor with four-cylinder by 2.0 liter fuel usage. It could generate for at least 20 horse more than 256 horsepower rank that brings a confident design. 2015 Volkswagen Golf R will be equipped by GTI’s XDS digital differential in order to bring a secure system. About the program, it is actually using digital receptors in order to identify the rim slide so that the braking system could exchange the twist of other site. It will guarantee about the highest possible hold for the 2015 Volkswagen Golf R.

2015 Volkswagen Golf R Facelift

It seems that the design will not concern too much about the package, but it is more about the design. We found that the car will have a cushioned cover up especially through the top bumpers, bonnet and also the structures. 2015 Volkswagen Golf R is completed with sills, bigger front side compared to the previous model and also has a bigger back disk braking system. Not only that, but it also has a higher musician sills and the car is supported with split-five for its spoke tires. Basically the car is looks like the seventh-generation of Golf GTI because of the A-pillars there. It also has quad fatigue guidelines that will leave the signature of double center-exit for R. It is predicted that the car will still use the natural indication especially for the manufacturing.

2015 Volkswagen Golf R Release Date

We heard that the car will be launched in Western marketplaces especially in the next spring time of 2014. To make sure about the release date, it is suggested for you to keep in touch with the trusted traders. About the system, it is possible to be delayed if the company want to make further improvement to support its effective through the drive system of 2015 Volkswagen Golf R.

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