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2015 Toyota FT-1 – 2014 Detroit

Tuesday, April 29th 2014 | Toyota | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Toyota FT-12015 Toyota FT-1 finally will participate in the auto market in this year with a new design and of course a better model compared to the current design. Toyota as the company promised that the car will be available with more than just good-looking. The car has been unveiled at Detroit Show, 2014 and there are some videos available to show you the car. It is said that the car is inspired by Lexus LF-LC in 2007 and 2012 model. But of course it comes with better look.

2015 Toyota FT-1 Design

2015 Toyota FT-1 basically is created as the sports car and it is coming with surprising design. We could see that the exterior is presented with a better shape. Moreover, there is also contour line presented between the emptiness and the space of the car. We also found that the car is coming with silhouette that is hard to deny helps a lot to make the car looks like stylish through its lines. Not only that, but there is a big possibility if the car comes with iconic design. The tight roof peak is available with long and melted nose design. An abrupt windshield rise is offered and there is LED headlights in 2015 Toyota FT-1. Speaking about the interior, the design is very enjoyable and it is offered to come with control table seat and of course it is very luxury even though it comes with small details. A stylish design in the cabin is supported with colored heads-up. Some refinements are presented around the features to complete the car such as the navigation system in 2015 Toyota FT-1.

2015 Toyota FT-1 Engine Car2015 Toyota FT-1 Specs

For under the hood, the company still has no information at all to be announced. It seems they just want to make a little surprise. At this time, we only could speculate about 2015 Toyota FT-1 power and output. Surely we need to see more engine options with a much better engine system. It is not a matter if the company still keeps the engine in the current model but at least it could come with more efficient fuel consumption.

2015 Toyota FT-1 Release Date

It is reported that the car is ready to be released in the middle of 2015. Speaking about the price tag, we are not sure enough because we did not hear any information from the company yet at this time. That is why we only could predict that the cost will not go far from $60,000 for 2015 Toyota FT-1.


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