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2015 Subaru Forester Changes

Sunday, July 6th 2014 | Subaru | by Rhey Keillen

2014 Subaru Forester2015 Subaru Forester rumored to be launched as the next generation of the fourth variant which will be more economic. This crossover car will be styled in most modern and even luxurious. Even if the car design for the exterior is not too much stunning, but the interesting features could be found in this cars. We heard that the engineers are working hard in order to make a different style compared to its previous.

2015 Subaru Forester Interior and Exterior

2015 Subaru Forester will not too much different from the previous design for both interior and exterior. To see the difference, all that we could do is about comparing it with its prior. In 2014, the car has more mainstream and increased length through 1.4 inches. In this case, we predict that the company will keep it. As the standard, it is not surprising if the car still have its rear camera, side airbags, and also multi-functional color display for the main features that will be applied in 2015 Subaru Forester. Still, the company will not remove the touch screen for navigation system and also keyless access for the technology usage. We expect that the rumors about the car is presented in auto market for 2015 Subaru Forester.

2015 Subaru Forester Changes

For the changes, the car will have several differences from its prior. First, the car will have more space especially the cabin. It will bring more comfort because the space could be used for storage and help the passengers to move easily. 2015 Subaru Forester also said will have increased wheelbase and four trim levels. Well, we predict that there will be several changes around the dashboard, the seats cover, and more additional safety features such as blind-spot. In order to beat the auto market in the 2015, it is recommended for the company to add more features and exterior changes such as headlights and taillights, new chrome, new bumpers and alloy wheels.

2015 Subaru Forester Price

About the price, it is expected that the car will have a reasonable price. It is not too far different from its previous model. In fact, in 2014 the price is from $21,995 and more than $32,995. That is why it is important for you to save more because the big possibility is the new variant will have a higher price. Now, keep in touch with the trusted traders to get information about 2015 Subaru Forester.


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