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2015 SRT Viper ACR – Facelift

Sunday, April 13th 2014 | Dodge | by Rhey Keillen

2011 SRT Viper ACR2015 SRT Viper ACR as a new version model is expected to arrive into the market with more powerful design compared to its previous version. We have heard that when the car arrives, it will be followed by Ralph Gilles or SRT CEO to follow its way. For sure its arrival is not a big surprise. The company addressed it for 2015 market with limited information at this time. The high demand and attention of the car made some reports revealed.

2011 SRT Viper ACR Front Side Angle2015 SRT Viper ACR Facelift

2015 SRT Viper ACR for the exterior, it is available with a more aggressive style. As you can see as the car is launched, there will be bigger brakes which are supported with adjustable dampers. Hopefully, the car will receive low-weight wheel because it is perfect for its design. For the tires, there is a recommendation that it is much better to go with ultra-high performance. People and market at this time is demanding a new look around 2015 SRT Viper ACR from the front to the rear part of the car includes the lights. A lighter body frame is the most people want to create a more excellent speed performance. It would be complete when there is an option about new color for the exterior. Around the interior, likely there will be new high-quality leather with enhanced features such as the safety, navigation and also infotainment. A new dashboard is expected with cleaner look around the cabin. The company should note the new steering wheel for 2015 SRT Viper ACR.

2015 SRT Viper ACR Specs

Speaking about the engine, there should be no worries at all because the engineers always create fantastic engine performance. A more powerful engine is available for the car to complete the demand. The engine for 2015 SRT Viper ACR is 8.4 liter V-10 engine all-aluminum and this engine is only for base model. The good news is it comes with a much better output compared to the standard version of the previous model. As we know that the previous standard version able to add 100 horsepower and at this time, for sure we do not want you to get heart attack when we tell you about it because now it is ready to give you a shocking 750 horsepower as the output.

2011 SRT Viper ACR Rear Angle Car2015 SRT Viper ACR Release Date and Price

We have a strong feeling that the car will be revealed in the end of 2014 and the price tag of course will be increasing compared to the previous of 2015 SRT Viper ACR.


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