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2015 Mazdaspeed3 Specs and Release Date

Sunday, April 20th 2014 | Mazda | by Rhey Keillen

Mazdaspeed3 Front Angle Car2015 Mazdaspeed3 is not released yet by the company related to its new design or the new details around the car. Well, there is no sign about its arrival for 2015 market. We have found a trusted source said that the car is in an uncertain condition. In the other hand, we have found a little data about the car. So, the key point at this time is only waiting the official confirmation related to its arrival around the market.

Mazdaspeed3 Side Angle Car2015 Mazdaspeed3 Design

2015 Mazdaspeed3 remained us about the 2013 series where at that time the car would be very easy to sell out. Based on the company insider, even though the car is easy to sell out but there is a confirmation that the car will end very short. We cannot figure out whether or not this is the best time to say farewell for this legend car. In 2013, the car is coming with fastest production among others. There is information said that the redesign 2015 Mazdaspeed3 will be available with the same platform as 2013 model. It is hard to deny that the company, Mazda as the first hot-hatch makers could manage this situation very well to solve any problems related to the car production. For sure, the car is designed with affordable price and it has bullet-proof reliability. It is also a great choice which has a great performance too. But surely we are waiting the car with some interesting changes for example a lighter bodyweight, new features around the exterior and interior and also about a new style of 2015 Mazdaspeed3.

2015 Mazdaspeed3 Specs

For under the hood, it is said that the car will be powered with 6-speed manual transmission and there will be no engine which could generate 155 horsepower. The latest version of engine we have heard is about SKYACTIVE 4-cylinder engine 2.5 liter with 184 horsepower. With this power support, this fast car could turn into a faster with all-wheel drive engine system of 2015 Mazdaspeed3.

2015 Mazdaspeed3 Release Date and Price

For your information there is no exact time when the car will be launched since we have heard no report at all from the company related to their confirmation for the arrival of the car and if so, the price tag of the car is estimated based on the technology package and also top trim. It is estimated that the car could be for about $34,000 for 2015 Mazdaspeed3.


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