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2015 Lotus Elise Release Date and Price

Sunday, April 6th 2014 | Lotus | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Lotus Elise2015 Lotus Elise is finally coming back to the market with redesign concept that is obviously different from the predecessor. The car comes with new version after losing its way for a decade. It is reported that the car will have attractive look. The design is functional for both the interior and exterior. It is no wonder if the car at this time could take people’s attention since the design is built with futuristic and pleasing concept.

2015 Lotus Elise Front Car

2015 Lotus Elise Dashboard2015 Lotus Elise Exterior and Interior

2015 Lotus Elise is coming with convenient design as it is said by Dany Bahar, the chief military officer of Lotus Elise. He is explained that the car will get a perfect design and at this time the company will show the market that there will be difficult to find out the weakness of its design. A lighter bodyweight is presented much well than the previous model with incredible power speed performance. A new chassis is offered with a new adapted platform from Evora. 2015 Lotus Elise for the interior also has a new concept. It is said that strong, young and confident will be the theme of the car concept. Since it is targeted for college students, the company considers designing it with stylish interior supported with many features inside. Well, the fresh design and features are the need of college students for 2015 Lotus Elise.

2015 Lotus Elise Specs

Speaking about the engine, the car is well powered with mid-engine design and the engine is launched by Toyota. DOHC 2.0 liter 16-valve four-cylinder is used which is paired with 6-speed manual for standard version and 7-speed dual-clutch for the optional auto manual gearbox developed by Lotus. 2015 Lotus Elise is expected to produce 316 horsepower and also 243 lb-ft of torque power from the engine options.

2015 Lotus Elise Rear Car2015 Lotus Elise Release Date and Price

For your information, there is a big chance that the car will come on showrooms in the early of 2015. Based on the information we got, the car will have a price tag for about £35,000 and it is available for the base price. For you who love the car and one of the big fans for sure the cost is not too pricey. The price is affordable especially for you who want to owe a new chassis Lotus with a more powerful engine. It never goes wrong when you choose 2015 Lotus Elise.


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