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2015 Kia Cadenza Changes

Sunday, May 11th 2014 | Kia | by Rhey Keillen

2014 Kia Cadenza2015 Kia Cadenza is coming with significant changes and improvements for 2015 market and it is quite interesting to know that the company just celebrates the 20 years for their anniversary. It is reported that there is significant recognition for the car to come in the right time. Just to let you know that the car got the nomination as the international car for this year. We think that the car has the same improvements that have been planned for the company. To repeat the success, the car is redesigned.

2015 Kia Cadenza Changes Design

2015 Kia Cadenza is available as the luxury sedan that is featured with exceptional design with the combination of premium comfort. The car is offered for the costumers with the excellent performance, comfort, design and also value. The car is comfortable and quite stylish on the market. It is designed for American middle class and it is no wonder that the car is quite popular for US market. The affordable price and the premium style in 2015 Kia Cadenza is completely complete with the superior performance. The car is ready under the label of Kia K7 for South Korean market. It is said that the company will extend the market to European enthusiasts for the 2015 Kia Cadenza.

2015 Kia Cadenza Specs

For under the hood, it is true that Kia has introduced the new transmission that is available in 2015 model. With this engine, the car could reduce the fuel consumption. The better performance and better riding experience. As the new transmission, the 2015 Kia Cadenza could provide the powerful sports driving. In this car, you can find out new 7-speed DTC for two clutches. Each of them is mated with clutch mechanism. To improve the fuel efficiency, odd and the gears the DCT will reduce the torque to lose when the gear is changed. With this way, it is no wonder if the car could come with smooth ride for all conditions. The wider engine is 7-speed gearbox result through lower fuel consumption and better performance for the 6-speed DCT.

2015 Kia Cadenza Release Date and Price

For your information, the company has not released yet the release date. Sometimes, the company will launch the price tag but later after the company announced the car on the showroom. It seems that the car will get higher price tag compared to its previous model for 2015 Kia Cadenza.


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