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2015 Jaguar XJ Facelift Luxury Sport Sedan

Tuesday, April 1st 2014 | Jaguar | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Jaguar XJ Facelift2015 Jaguar XJ finally will be available sooner with some changes as what the company has planned before. So, the car actually has started its debut for more than four years ago and now this new generation is leaked after spy photographers caught its pictures when the car is designed in Jaguar Headquarter, U.K. Thanks for the spy shots that give us a clear conclusion, the car is coming with some updates includes the styling and of course the car has a luxury design as sport sedan.

2015 Jaguar XJ Facelift Rear Car2015 Jaguar XJ Facelift

2015 Jaguar XJ has not too much change as the facelift. The car is presented with new style, but still a big problem needs to be handled by the company which is the rear part. The company tried to make the car has a spacious interior around the front area so that it provides enough space for the head and leg-room for the front passengers. With this expectation, the company has to think hard on how to deal with the rear part that is lack of space. Hopefully the company could find out a best solution without sacrificing the space of rear part so that the car could comes with no mistake at all. 2015 Jaguar XJ indeed only has few changes because actually the car is still under the development. We only find out that the car has a new different shape and new front bumper which have enough contribution to create a new look. A smaller grille is also offered but it is not as deep as the current version of 2015 Jaguar XJ.

2015 Jaguar XJ Engine

Speaking about the engine, the car is reported to get the latest version of drive train. Some engine options are ready to be offered by following the demand of the market and the target of the users. The top engine model of 2015 Jaguar XJ could perform 550 horsepower and the base model could go with 340 horsepower. Both are using V-6 engine. The new option of drive system is all-wheel drive.

2015 Jaguar XJ Release Date

As it has been reported that the car has a high possibility to come in the showrooms in the end of 2014. The car will be launched after the other models of Jaguar have been presented by the company. For the price tag, we do not hear anything from the official. It seems the price will be announced after the showroom is over for 2015 Jaguar XJ.


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