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2015 Honda Insight Hybrid Redesign and Release

Friday, April 4th 2014 | Honda | by Rhey Keillen

2012 Honda Insight Hybrid2015 Honda Insight hybrid is reported to be discontinued after people have a high demand to wait the car with hybrid model. As we know that Insight always comes with best affordable price which will get the redesign as 2014 model. Few times ago, there was a confirmation about the car production but now the rumors make the car in a blurry condition. It would be hard to believe if the rumors are right because the company has some preparations to do in order to introduce and advertise the car especially for American market. There is a high expectation that this cheap car could get a good market.

2012 Honda Insight Hybrid Release Date

Honda Insight Hybrid Interior2015 Honda Insight hybrid Redesign

2015 Honda Insight hybrid will be available as the third generation that will receive some tests by the Japanese company, Honda. In this case, the car is prepared to have 55 mpg. It is quite interesting to know the report that the car could achieve it through the fuel version. However, because of the rumors of discontinued hybrid plan, people now doubt about how the company could make significant changes. New characteristic and new improvements around the features for exterior and interior are urgently required to do. Still, it has huge fans that are waiting to see its arrival. 2015 Honda Insight hybrid of course needs iconic features to complete the exterior with some new grille or headlights and taillights presented. For the cabin, it would be great if the company will use new seat cover with spacious design for 2015 Honda Insight hybrid.

Honda Insight Hybrid  Engine2015 Honda Insight Engine

For under the hood, the car is addressed for Japanese and American market. Hybrid engine are the high demand on some markets but of course the company has to show the significant changes so that the 2015 Honda Insight hybrid could have better speed performance. Or if not, we are pretty sure that the car will be left behind by its competitors. It is a good idea if the company offers it with low-priced car through hybrid engine. The car is powered with 1.3 liter hybrid with regular petrol to achieve 86 mpg.

2015 Honda Insight hybrid Release Date and Price

With uncertain situation, we are waiting about the official clarification. There is a high possibility that the car will be produced since it already has the markets but there is no exact time. Hopefully we could see the car available on market for at least in the early of 2015. Speaking about the price tag, you need to spend for about $5,635 as the starting price for 2015 Honda Insight hybrid.


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