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2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Release Date and Price

Monday, April 7th 2014 | Honda | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Honda Fit2015 Honda Fit Hybrid is scheduled to continue the latest generation of Honda Fit Hybrid car with redesign concept brought by Honda. A more aggressive look will complete the new version of the car. The big question at this time is about the hybrid engine whether or not will be offered to this generation. Since there is a high demand of hybrid engine, people are waiting the company’s answer for that especially the enthusiasts around Japan and Europe that will be the next market for the car.

2015 Honda Fit Dashboard2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Exterior and Interior

2015 Honda Fit Hybrid is only available with some limited information. As we said that the car has more aggressive look. It could be around the headlights and taillights. A possible new grille could be presented. A more changes of course are required for 2015 Honda Fit Hybrid which needs to make a new look. As we have found that the exterior changes are featured with unique design since the rival has iconic lines, hexagonal new grille and also two jewels headlamps. For the interior, there is a big chance if the company will offer it even though the change will be addressed to make improvements. As we know that the previous model received a complaint especially around the cabin which of course the company needs to improve it in 2015 Honda Fit Hybrid.

2015 Honda Fit Fuel Display2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Specs

It is reported that the car will be built with advanced technology around the engine. Likely there will be no Integrated Motor Assist System for Honda hybrid because it is not enough to support the electricity around the car by using a cheap hybrid engine. As the alternative, the company will power it with new sport hybrid I-DCD system. 2015 Honda Fit Hybrid will be installed with single electric motor gas engine so that it will work with sport hybrid engine. A battery of lithium-ion is suggested to make it more efficient since it is lighter enough as the replacement of nickel metal-hydride units. To work with the engine, it does not required CVT anymore.

2015 Honda Fit Specs2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Release Date and Price

Likely the car will be available for Japanese market in this year on September. The surprising news is the car will not go for American market since it is not the part of the advertisement and selling purpose. The price tag will be announced after the release time for 2015 Honda Fit Hybrid.


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