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2015 Ford Torino

Tuesday, February 3rd 2015 | Ford | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Ford Torino is built by Ford to complete the demand in the American market especially for muscle cars. This popular automaker will release it soon. What makes the company has big popularity is the production of Mustang as a muscle car that is available with high performance.

New 2015 Ford TorinoFord Torino Exterior and Interior

New 2015 Ford Torino will be designed with a very stylish look that will make you adore it. You could find out the curved design for its tail body and the curved-sharp look is added for the front design. Of course, there is no bumper available to offer in this new car. It is noticeable to see the base version with 17 inches of alloy wheels for 2015 Torino. Based on some rumors, the company will support it with simple and elegant cabin. Some reliable sources also mentioned that the company will support the cabin with complete multimedia to make you enjoy the entertainment inside such as the LCD screen that is adjusted for the car function. The front body with wiper is also available but the front body will be a bit lower compared to the tail body to give modern look around New Ford Torino 2015.

Ford Torino Engine

It is quite promising to see this new muscle car go with high engine specification since the company wants to make it popular as Mustang. We have found some information from Ford website that it is possible to see 2015 Ford Torino with V8 engine EcoBoost 5.0 liter but it is still a plan or prediction. This engine is expected to generate the output for about 443 horsepower and 5250 lb-ft of torque. Of course, this output could be the sign that it will be one of the perfect muscle cars in the market. With the great engine specification, the car later is known well as NASCAR. Ford will only produce 3000 units for the worldwide market. It means that they have limited the amount of production. The engine in this car also could be helpful to make the car runs from 0 to 60 mph through 4 seconds.

2015 Ford Torino Release Date and Price

At this time, we need to inform you that there is no availability of release date information we could tell you yet. It is still unknown to know the price tag of this new version. We only could predict through those features that the price tag could be expensive that is around $40,000 as the 2015 Ford Torino.

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