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2015 Ford Flex Concept Redesign

Tuesday, April 29th 2014 | Ford | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Ford Flex Redesign2015 Ford Flex is the perfect choice if you are seeking for the SUV that has excellent performance and quality with the price tag under $35,000. The car is coming with the first debut around 2009 and as the next generation the car has revamped interior. The body has changed too. It is no wonder that the company claimed that the car has a very best design to offer.

2015 Ford Flex Redesign

2015 Ford Flex will be changed because we know well that the company has not change the car before and of course we will get a surprise through its redesign in this year model. The changes could be seen around the style. It comes with retro design with Flex. A more modern grille will be presented and of course the company needs to make something. For sure, 2015 Ford Flex is the replacement for Taurus X which has not enough positive feedback for its wagon styling and also the design as the minivan size. The Flex comes with its “throwback” designs such as Subaru Baja, VW Bettle, Ford Thunderbird and many more. By the time, few of those models were discontinued and this model is coming. It could be a special car or an outdated car depends on your personal style. For retro lovers, this car could be the option but for them who do not have a good feeling for retro, perhaps they will leave 2015 Ford Flex.

2015 Ford Flex Specs

Speaking about the engine, the car will keep its reputation as the leading high quality SUVs with two engine options. First, the minimal versions have the upgraded Eco Boost Engine 3.5 and the base engine for 2015 Ford Flex could be found from SEL and also SE. At this time, we could not provide a lot of information related to the output and the speed rating or the top speed for the engines because now the company has not announced yet for the engine details.

2015 Ford Flex Release Date and Price

It seems that the company will open the sales around this year but we are not sure enough since there is no information yet from the company. We only have a report from a trusted source that the price tag will go for about $30,900 as the starting cost for the base car. It is quite pricey but for sure it is worth for retro lovers to get 2015 Ford Flex.

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