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2015 Ford F100 Ranger

Wednesday, February 4th 2015 | Ford | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Ford F100 is demanded to come soon to start its market sale. Perhaps, it is a bit similar to Ford F150 especially for its shape, technology and price. As the next edition, it will be the smaller truck compared to the current model. It is built based on Atlas concept. Even some rumors said that the car will not come again and it will be replaced by the new version. However, the company does not confirm it yet.

New 2015 Ford F100Ford F100 Exterior and Interior

2015 Ford F100 is very possible to come with narrower body as the previous 2014 model year. It probably goes with five-lug wheels which is quite different from the F150 design that goes with six-lug wheels. It indicates that the next generation will go as a small truck but with lighter duty ride performance. When we see the shape of its exhaust pipes, we could predict that the car likely will go with diesel engine but 2015 Ford F100 is surely a powerful truck. Last year, the company stopped to produce Ranger small truck by saying that the improved fuel efficiency and cost production is much better compared to F150 made the out-modeled Ranger truck. However, to know the fact we need to wait more since marketing manager has stated that the company will offer some affordable pickups but it is still under the consideration. Well, it may be true if the company will present 2015 Ford F100.

Ford F100 Engine

The main prior that will be the big task for the company to do is about providing this truck with great capability and of course fuel efficiency through affordable price tag. It is important as the characteristics of modern truck. However, we cannot say many things about the engine whether the company will use the previous engine or borrow other engines from other cars. The company gives no hints at all even though they may say that the car will be really available in the market.

2015 Ford F100 Release Date and Price

We do expect that the car could be released soon to cover the demand because at this time the affordable truck with great capability and nice fuel efficiency is still low to produce. It could be the chance for the company to dominate the market. For the price tag, it is only predicted that the cost will be a bit close to F150. The starting price is about $24,500 with no discounts for the affordable 2015 Ford F100.


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