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2015 Dodge Barracuda Concept and Price

Thursday, July 10th 2014 | Dodge | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Dodge Barracuda Concept2015 Dodge Barracuda fought the battle in the second year. It will have a new engine, look, equipment, and platform and even has the new name that is Dodge or SRT. Well, it is truly hard to make a good idea, good quality to build a car into the hit. Even Dodge Barracuda will be introduced in 2014 according to some rumors, but there will be several changes applied in the car.

2015 Dodge Barracuda Concept Look 

New Dodge Barracuda 2015 confidently will never replace the design of Dodge Challenger, it is a stand – alone model will bring its character. The company and the engineers, it will have a modern requirements and technologies for automotive industry to make the car being faster and easier. Not only that, but the car also has around 300 pounds to lost its weight. This new generation also will have a new platform. We heard that 2015 Dodge Barracuda said to be in a class with Camaro and Mustang. Or if not, it will be in the same class as rear-drive platform with a new Alfa. The new look will be great since the car will resemble the first model that is 1964 series and also the Plymouth Barracuda that is in 1971. We found that there is a modernized aerodynamic lines and also the distinctive grill in the new 2015 Dodge Barracuda.

2015 Dodge Barracuda Engine

It is predicted that the new version will have two engines. As the standard engine, it has Pentastar V6 engine, while the optional engine is Hemi V8 that uses 5.7 liter. Both of the engine system is in direct injection. For supercharged Hemi engine with 6.2 liter will have the power range from 580 to 660 horsepower, if it is not placed in this 2015 Dodge Barracuda, we heard that it will be used for Dodge Challenger engine. All the engine system is designed in order to meet the standard.

2015 Dodge Barracuda Price and Release Date

Based on the spy photos and several sources, we informed that the competitor of this car is Camaro ZL1. The price of this car is started from $60,000 as the prediction. About the release date, we still waiting about the official announcement from the company because there is no exact time about the releasing new version of Dodge. We only could predict that the car is prepared for the next 2015 and possible to be launched in the end of 2014 for 2015 Dodge Barracuda.



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