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2015 Buick Lesabre Rumored Info

Tuesday, June 3rd 2014 | Buick | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Buick Lesabre2015 Buick Lesabre is gossiped to be available as the luxury sedan. It is said that the car will have a strong battle with other luxury cars as rivals such as BMW 5 –Series or E class, Cadillac CTS and also Cadillac XTS. It is said that the company is designed the car with complete feature so it could support your necessity to pass the rule over LaCrosse for the price and the size too. We have heard that the car is coming with ideal design so you can use it for the party or for simple use. Gladly, we tell you that the car has some modifications to welcome the revolutionary technology design along with the fulfillment of the demand for the customers.

2015 Buick Lesabre Rumor

2015 Buick Lesabre is rumored to come with Epsilon platform. The platform is basically has been revised heavily so the car is coming with new longer wheelbase for about 8 inches compared to the XTS. The car also has the same dimension in length and the width for the new platform to give more fun and ideal proportion to make roomy cabin. With this new platform, surely you can enjoy the roomy cabin that could provide you more head or leg room around the front or the rear seat. It is said that the company has prepared many modifications for the 2015 Buick Lesabre so we expect something more. Perhaps, the car will be available with better exterior look includes the new grille or the new light offered in this car. We don’t know whether the company will offer a new color exterior but we hope so. For the interior, the technology offered could be around the improvements of its navigation and other system inside the 2015 Buick Lesabre.

2015 Buick Lesabre Engine

Speaking about the engine design, we think that the car will come with new AWD because the new powertrain is available. The standard Familiar GM V6 3.6 liter engine will be offered in this car that could get the output for about 332 horsepower. Another engine option for you that you can find out in this 2015 Buick Lesabre is the turbo engine 3.6 liter that could produce the output for around 415 horsepower. At this time, there is no information yet from the official whether this rumor is true or not.

2015 Buick Lesabre Release Date and Price

Since the car is rumored to come as the 2015 model, it is expected that we could see the car in the end of 2014 so we know that the car is really available. For the price, there is a big expectation that the car will be in line with the 2013 XTS model for 2015 Buick Lesabre.


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