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2015 Audi A9 Concept Price

Sunday, April 13th 2014 | Audi | by Rhey Keillen

2015 Audi A9 Concept2015 Audi A9 is designed as a luxury car in sedan class. The company is working hard on this design in order to answer that Audi also has a reputation as big as BMW and Mercedes. In order to support what the company has done, it is said that the company will introduce the car to worldwide market. It is hard to deny that the car also belongs to the high position vehicle. That is why, the company do a very tight maintains for the car so that it is not being left among its rivals. For sure, the car will receive a new different look with no mistake around the shapes and sizes. Luxury, wealth and power are the concept for the car.

2015 Audi A9 Concept

2015 Audi A9 as the concept is about luxury, wealth and power with the four-door design. Some stunning improvements could be seen in this new generation. Around the exterior, you can see that the car gets new platform from New Volkswagen modular MSB. It is not used for Audi cars, but it is also used for Porsche Lamborghini. A fashionable and more sophisticated exterior will be presented. Elegant lines will support the design as it has been confirmed by the chief designer, Daniel Garcia for 2015 Audi A9. It is no wonder if it later could come with futuristic and modern design. There is also integrated windscreen to the roof. Slanting LED headlights for the front and rear doors will never make you regret. Inside, a rich cabin is displayed to please you because of the best quality materials with wooden cabin, Alcantara and brushed aluminum. It is blended well with the advanced technology in 2015 Audi A9.

2015 Audi A9 Specs

We have heard that the car is powered with 3.0 liter TFSI envisaged motor which is able to generate 300 horsepower as the output. For the engine, an upgraded V8 is presented with amazing output that is 500 horsepower. It is not surprising that at this time for sure its rivals cannot ignore the presence of 2015 Audi A9.

2015 Audi A9 Release Date and Price

There is a schedule that the car will be ready for sale on 2015 but no exact information about the date. For the price tag, this rockstar will make you spend fantastically for about $140.000 to take it home and enjoy 2015 Audi A9.


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