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2015 Acura NSX Concept – Price and Release Date

Thursday, April 24th 2014 | Acura | by Rhey Keillen

Acura NSX Concept2015 Acura NSX Concept comes to the market with all-new model. It has iconic design as sport car and the dramatic styling could be seen around its details inside or outside the cabin. The car somehow is quite promising to be the finest exotic car and for sure it is capable to compete with luxury sport car among its class. With the new engine hybrid, it is no wonder that the company is very confidence with its powerful performance.

Acura NSX Concept Front Car2015 Acura NSX Concept Design

2015 Acura NSX Concept has been unveiled since two years ago at Detroit auto show. The company at that time was launching the prototype of the next-generation and of course at this time it means this model. It was a halo supercar with powerful design. So, at this time the new generation is coming with the same design as the original NSX. It is a mid-engine with two-seater. It is built with a lot of stylish designs around the exterior and interior of 2015 Acura NSX Concept. The main point that could attract you probably is about the exotic concept brought by the company with all completed safety features which are inherited from the current model. For sure, instead of buying the current model, you are worth to waiting this model if you want to see an outstanding engine performance in 2015 Acura NSX Concept.

2015 Acura NSX Concept Specs

For under the hood, the car not goes the same as the original even though it still has the same proportions and use V6. In this new generation, the car is coming with direct-injection V6 with twin turbochargers support and also electric motor plus dual-clutch transmission that has up to 6 gears as what the company has stated, 2015 Acura NSX Concept is no wonder could get a powerful engine power to the rear wheels. The front wheels will be powered with two electric motors and it will create advanced all-wheel drive system that at the same time during cornering it could speed and slow the front wheels as the new technology offered by the company.  Even though the company has not announced yet related to the specification of the new engine, we have found that there will be displacement for 3.7 liters and gasoline-electric output which could generate for about 550 horsepower and it could be more than it.

Acura NSX Concept Rear Angle Car2015 Acura NSX Concept Competitors and Release Date

For your information, the car is able to battle with other sport cars such as Chevrolet Corvette, Audi R8, Porsche 911 and Nissan GT-R. In 2015, it will be the schedule of sales for 2015 Acura NSX Concept.


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